Shantala Fels

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This series of photographs is part of my final visual project "There is only the truth within each moment" for my studies in Communication Design in Germany.

The aim of this work was to explore what India, the native country of my father, means to me, how I see it and how it affects my identity. For that reason I stayed with my family in New Delhi for one month and explored the city and its everyday-life with my camera. Finally I made a photobook which holds the single images as one work together. At the end of the book the following statement can be read:

"I came to India to explore what my fathers native country means to me. Sometimes I felt that I belong to India and sometimes I felt like a stranger. After some time I became aware that 'the agony and the beauty of living in India is just this, that one is challenged every day to look at life not in absolutes but in relatives.' (1) I discovered that there is only the truth within each moment. This is my truth about India."

1: Jayapal, Pramila: Pilgrimage to India: A woman revisists her homeland. Seal Press. Seattle 2001.