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September 2012 "Urban Fox"
Fuchsbau Festival, Musiktheater Bad Hanover

August 2012 "Urban Fox"
C Photobook Show, Create Studio Brighton

November 2011 – Februar 2012 "Freudenhaus"
Forever Young – 50 Years of the German Youth Photo Prize, German Historical Museum Berlin

September – October 2011 "Urban Fox"
liminal, final MA show, Shop 14 – The Old Truman Brewery London

June – August 2011 "There is only the truth within
each moment"
Solo Exhibition, Zoom In London

March 2011 "There is only the truth within each moment"
Stand of the Braunschweig University of Art, The Leipzig Book Fair

September 2010 "Freudenhaus"
German Youth Photo Prize 2010,
Photokina Cologne

March 2010 "Freudenhaus"
Stand of the Braunschweig University of Art, The Leipzig Book Fair

since February 2009 "Hannover"
Permanent Exhibition in collaboration with Stefanie Boafo, InterCityHotel (lounge, restaurant, rooms) Hanover

Oktober 2008 "vis"
Solo Exhibition, Braunschweig University of Art

April 2008 "Gäste"
Solo Exhibition, Martini-Church Braunschweig

April–May 2008 "Gäste"
"ID KD VD – AD!", Wichmann-Halls Braunschweig


2013 pssst! HANNOVER –Shopping guide for the shopping, café and cultur scene of Hannover

2011 "Global Action in Favour of the Poor" by Elliot Paige, Brochure, Design, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Geneva

2009 – 2010 "The Geneva Scenarios on Global Economic
Governance 2020" (published in English, French and Spanish), Brochure, Illustration and Design, Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation Geneva

2006 – 2010 "forum", Magazine, Design and Layout,


since 2013 "There is only the truth within each moment" (selected photos), Photocircle

2011 "Truth within each moment"
Street Signs Magazine, Spring 2011, Goldsmiths University of London

2010 "Freudenhaus"
"Querformat" Magazine, Number 3, transcript Publisher

2010 "Freudenhaus"
Photo Presse Online News

2010 "Freudenhaus" and "India"
"forum" Magazine, Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation

2009 "Hannover"
"Kunsträume", InterCityHotel Hanover

2009 "vis"
"HBK-Katalog", Volume 4, Braunschweig University of Art

2005, 2006 Photographs
"Indivisual", Magazine, 05/07, 06/08